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Medication management is most-often used in conjunction with individual therapy. The American Psychological Association stated that strict management of prescribed medications in conjunction with therapy is the most effective treatment modality for mental illness currently known. Therefore, at Serenity Counseling & Support Services, we require that all clients wishing to receive medication management services to currently have a therapist, preferably with our agency, if they wish to be considered for this service.

Note: We do not provide medication management services independently and without the client being actively engaged in mental health counseling.

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All medication management appointments are conducted via tele-psychiatry and this allows clients to see the doctor from the comfort of their home using an app that can be downloaded to any smart phone or tablet with a data / internet connection. You can also access the app using your personal computer. All apps / website applications used are HIPPA-compliant, so you can be assured your private information is kept confidential and safe.

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