Mental Health Counseling Services

At Serenity Counseling and Support Services we provide a variety of mental health counseling services at our mental health therapy clinic, as well as community-based services which means one of our experienced, caring counselors will come to your home or place of choice at times which are most convenient for your schedule.

Note: Some services are dependent on your insurance, but we are happy to talk with you about what your options may be.

Counseling Options

Serenity Counseling & Support Services provides family therapy, group, individual and telehealth counseling services. Our online therapy services are typically provided remotely to those who are not local or otherwise unable to receive services in person while family, group and individual therapy can be provided in our therapy clinic or another location most convenient for you.

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Looking for experienced, caring therapists in the Las Vegas area? The Counselors at Serenity Counseling and Support Services are available Monday through Friday, 9 am to 5 pm!