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Individual therapy is one-on-one mental health counseling between a client and a licensed therapist.

Typically, most people elect to begin treatment with a one-on-one counseling session at our therapy clinic. With clients who are adults, most often it will be a more traditional talk therapy, while with clients that are children, individual therapy will not look the same as with adult clients. With children, a therapist may employ other techniques in working with the child such as using therapeutic games and activities that are less reliant on talk as a means of expression throughout counseling sessions.

Individual Therapy is Effective

Individual Therapy / One on One Counseling - Mental Health Counseling in Las Vegas, Nevada

This type of therapy can be effective for people experiencing a variety of problems such as: depression, anxiety, anger management, impulse control, and problems with personal relationships.

If you feel you or a loved-one could benefit from individual one-on-one counseling, then please call (702)608-4220 or request an appointment.

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