Mental Health Rehabilitative Services & Basic Skills Training

Our rehabiltative services include basic skills training and psychosocial rehabilitative skills training – rehabilitative services offered to clients that may have a higher level of need than can be effectively managed by individual and family therapy alone.

Both psychosocial rehabilitative training and basic skills training and are rehab services that have to be prior-authorized by your insurance company and are only available pending authorization. All rehabilitative services are time-limited and goal-directed. The goal of all rehabilitative services reduce psychological dysfunction and return the client to previous higher levels of functioning.

We Help Clients Improve Confidence Through Increased Independence

Basic Skills

Basic skills training (BST) is a one-on-one treatment modality where a basic skills worker will come to your home or the community and help teach basic skills. Basic skills that can be taught include: basic living and self-care skills such as washing dishes and other personal hygiene responsibilities, social skills, communication skills, organizational and time management skills.

These skills are taught in conjunction with individual therapy and overseen by licensed therapists.

Psychosocial Rehabilitative Skills

Psychosocial rehabilitative skills (PSR) are also a one on one treatment modality where a psychosocial rehabilitative skills worker comes to your home and community and works on improving interpersonal skills within a social environment. This can mean teaching a client how to manage their interpersonal emotions by learning to positively redirect anger, manage conflicts, and express feelings in an appropriate manner. PSR can also focus on helping clients learn appropriate social skills and boundaries, how to identify and resolve problems, communicate effectively, be self-sufficient, and develop emotional intimacy with others. Unlike, BST, PSR is focused on gaining insight into the client’s problem area. PSR is also used in conjunction with individual therapy and overseen by licensed therapists.

If you feel Basic skills training and psychosocial rehabilitative skills training would help you, a friend or loved one, then please consider requesting an appointment with our therapists in Las Vegas today! Call (702) 608-4220 or request an appointment below.

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Benefits of Counseling

  • Ability to Set Boundaries
  • Better Relationships
  • Greater Self-Confidence
  • Help with Depression / Phobias
  • Improve Communication
  • Increase Assertiveness
  • Less Anxiety
  • Reduce Problematic Behaviors
  • Regain Emotional Balance
  • Stress Relief
  • Trauma Resolution