Jaclyn Mustachio, MSW – Clinical Social Work Intern

I’m Jaclyn Mustachio, Licensed Master Social Worker, and Clinical Social Work Intern. I received my bachelor and master’s degree in Social Work at Stony Brook University in Long Island, New York. I have 5 years’ experience in the in the field, and I specialize working with adolescents, adults, and seniors who are struggling with anxiety, depression, and suicidal ideation. These issues can become overwhelming for both the individuals and their loved ones around them. The process looks different with each of my clients and may include unpacking life’s heavy stuff, making peace with the past, deciphering what’s important to you, figuring out who you are or who you want to be, and/or facing fears head-on. You will be both challenged and supported. I am passionate about helping others who are in need, and we will work together to support your individualized needs. We are all unique and have the potential to grow and live a successful, empowering, and fulfilling life. Together, we can begin the journey to an empowering life.

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Take the First Step to Wellness

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Benefits of Counseling

  • Ability to Set Boundaries
  • Better Relationships
  • Greater Self-Confidence
  • Help with Depression / Phobias
  • Improve Communication
  • Increase Assertiveness
  • Less Anxiety
  • Reduce Problematic Behaviors
  • Regain Emotional Balance
  • Stress Relief
  • Trauma Resolution